2M2 Magic Tank Cut Lexus TOY48 AKL by Search Code Successfully

Problem: How to use 2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine to cut new key for Lexus TOY48 when all keys lost?

Cardiagtool.co.uk solution:

You can do it by the “Search Code”option in 2m2 APP.

Although there is no instaCode database included in 2m2 magic tank, but the “Search Code”has the same function as instacode.


Follow the step-by-step guide to operate:

This is the code from car cylinder


1.Connect 2M2 Magic Tank to Android mobile phone via Bluetooth

2.Enter 2m2 APP main menu

Click the yellow icon at the right bottom corner


3.Select “Search Code” icon


4.Enter the corresponding code and click OK


5.Then the car key details will show on the screen



6.Back to 2m2 main menu and click the icon to edit a key


7.Select Japan Korea-> LEXUS-> TOY48.L55

2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-9 2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-10 2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-11

8.Then put the key embryo on 2m2 magic tank machine to start cutting


9.Cut one side of the new key, and then cut another side

2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-15 2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-14 2m2-magic-tank-cut-lexus-toy48-13

It will take about 3 minutes in whole cutting process

10.Finally, when finish cutting, insert the key into cylinder to test


Tech support: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/

Good luck!