Free Download V1.3.8.0 CGDI CG100X Software

V1.3.8.0 CGDI CG100X software is available. Tools could read MQB dashboards by removing capacitors.


Free Download CG100X Software:

V1.3.8.0 CG100X


V1.3.8.0 CG100X Update Info:

1.Volkswagen MQB adds 6 new capacitor removal method models and Volkswagen Generation 4 anti-theft adds 1 new capacitor removal method model

2.Add 27 models to dashboard

3.Add 2 models to read-write


The following models are added for dashboard:

VESPA 300 24C512

BAIC EU5 2022-24C64(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)

Honda HRV 2019- MB91F061BS

DongFeng Fengshen E3 R5F10DSLL

DongFeng Captain K6 93C86

DongFeng Tuyi T3Q 2021- 24C04

SouthEast DX3 2018- 9S12XHY128

Redflag EQM5 24LC16

Geely Remote GLR 24C04

Geely Yuanjing S1 2017- 24C16

JMC BaoDian 2020- S6J334CJEE

Jingong 90 Digger 24LC64

Liugong 60 Digger 25640

Liugong Forklift 9S12HA48

Chery Karryyouyuex6 2023- 24C16

Nissan Quaker 2005- 9S12H128

Lingong 956 Digging machine 2021- 9S12HY48(time)

Sunlong BUS 2018- R7F701404

T-KNG ouling GL-III 2022- 24C16

Volvo S40 9S12HZ256

Hyundai 60VS Digger 95M01

KOMATSU 360 93C86

Iveco CHAOYUE 2022- 24C04

Yutong Bus 2019- 24C16

ChangAn CS15 EV400 95040

ChangAn UIN-V 24C16

Great Wall Harvard F5 2020- 24C08


The following models are added for dashboard read-write:

BMW E90 E91 LED BASIS ST10F269(read write)

Geely Xinrui 2021- R7F701603(read write)


Stay tuned!