Handset Programmer Comparison: Autel KM100, VVDI, Lonsdor, or KD?

In this article, we are going to show you the differences between Autel KM100 Programmer and other handset programmers. We’ll cover

Autel KM100

VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Mini Key Tool

Lonsdor KH100+



Lets see their differences:

 Function/Item AUTEL KM100 VVDI MAX VVDI MINI Lonsdor KH100+ KEYDIY KD-X2
 handset-programmer-comparison-autel-km100-vvdi-lonsdor-or-kd-1  handset-programmer-comparison-autel-km100-vvdi-lonsdor-or-kd-2  handset-programmer-comparison-autel-km100-vvdi-lonsdor-or-kd-3  handset-programmer-comparison-autel-km100-vvdi-lonsdor-or-kd-4  handset-programmer-comparison-autel-km100-vvdi-lonsdor-or-kd-5
Generate Remote
Garage Remote X
Remote Clone X
Transponder Read&Clone
Generate Transponder
Frequency Test
Immobilizer X(need MINI OBD) X X X
ID/IC Clone X
Unlock Key X
Unlock Toyota Smart Key
Ignition Coil Detection
Remote Simulation X X X X
Transponder Simulation X X
Write via Dump X X X X
Collection Test X X X X
IR Signal Detection X X X X
Key Charging X
Password Calculation X X X X
ID48/ID48 96bit Clone X X


In addition,

1)On Unlock Key,

More models (Dacia, Fiat, Honda, Benz, Opel, Suzuki) are supported on KM100 than on VVDI; more models (Alfa, Geely, Haima, Haval, jaguar, Lada, Land Rover, Lincoln, Maserati, Mini, Rolls Royce, Smart, VW) are supported on KD-X2 than on KM100

2)On Transponder Simulation,

KM100 supports ID46 47 48 49 4A 8A; KH100+ supports 4D 46 48 47.

3)On Collection Test,

When there is a problem with remote, collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency, and send them to technicians for analysis

4)On Password Calculation,

KD-X2 supports old Epica; Hyundai, Great Wall H2 H6 46; new BAIC 46

5)On ID48/ID48 96bit Clone,

VVDI MAX needs to activate the function by generating 10 VVDI Remotes


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