How to Reset Tokens for KTAG V6.070 Ksuite V2.13?

Did you have the problem when you used KTAG firmware V6.070 (Now  is update to Ktag V7.0.2) that the software prompted “mandatory update within the next 5 programming. Connect the tool to the Internet and run the update as soon as possible”?

How did you solve this issue? Here share a solution from a profession engineer works at


Engineer suggestion:

For this message, it means there are only 5 tokens left, and you need to reset tokens.

Tips and guide to reset tokens for KTAG V6.070:


1.Reset tokens for Ktag 6.070 is the Unlimited tokens version, the tokens programming software has added on the CD. No need to remove the token chip from the main board, no need desolder chips.

2.If still cannot work, pls replace the TF card and reset tokens again.

Free Download Ktag ksuite token reset file:!ITJFTYSL!3hgFVQvhdyUKGlRqkq47movofP5s_KSU9hP3z7MvEXs

Step-by-step to reset KTAG fw6.070 tokens:

Important: Firstly, please disable both local area connection and wireless network connection, otherwise you will get the interface damaged!


Open K-suite software

Make sure the software V2.13 is accessible


Extract Ksuite tokens Ktag free download in tip2


Go to Ksuite file, you can see the all update files


Open KSuite software to update families tokens

ktag-firmware-v6.070-tokens-reset-6 ktag-firmware-v6.070-tokens-reset-7

Click “Info”

Confirm the KTAG firmware version is 6.070


Return to KSuite/ Update file

You will find lots of documents don’t exist, it means tokens are added successfully


If you also have other problem for the following TKAG, you can contact the support for methods.

Hope it helps you!