How to Start An ECU Tuning Business?

Nowadays, the auto industry and ECU tuning business are one of the popular and profitable services. Many wonder how to start the business of ecu cloning, which of this one should I start with. Here, we intend to show a way to you.


1.What is ECU Tuning (Remapping)?

On the essence, it modifies data and programs from car ECUs to

  • Improve car power and optimize specific programs. Make the car powerful, fuel-efficient, and start and accelerate smoothly
  • ECU cloning, used engine ECUs save repair costs.
  • DPF/EGR remove, immo off EVAP Removal Module

To better understand basic tuning knowledge including car wirings, vehicle components, and fault codes, an online training course held by a trustworthy tuning company is a good choice for a new start.

(e.g. Online Basic Training Course from Alientech Academy)


2.How to Select a Tuning Tool/ Software?

There are two parts you are going to make a choice about — ECU Tuning Tool for reading and writing ECU & ECU Software for Editing ECU data.

1)ECU Software

We might recommend two popular software: WinOLS and ECU Titanium. Each has its strengths, so buy one or two by your budgets.


2)ECU Tuning Tool

There are a few brands of tuning tools including Alientech, Dimsport, Autotuner…

The brand and the tool you choose depends on vehicle you are going to work on, to tune. Some do better on certain cars or new/ old car. Beware of tool protocols and subscription and clones.

*Protocol — tuning tools’ licenses. Tools may tune cars/ motorbikes/ trucks/ boats, and protocols allows users to pay to activate different functions by their budgets)

*Subscription — it asks users to keep paying to enjoy the latest updates such as 6-month subscription and 1-year subscription. Some tools may even be invalid after the subscription expires

*Clones — original tools start from 1,000 USD at least, but clone tools just cost 300, 400 USD, or even 100 bucks. The biggest risk is that clone tools could kill modules easily and the odd could be 4, 5 out of 10. And no tech support, which is not good for a new tuner

We might recommend KESS3 from Alientech or CMD from Flashtech. Both tools have a great coverage and their company provides good tech support.


3.How to Start A Tuning Business?

You can do this work based on Internet (Facebook, Google, Instagram…) or a real workshop.

You can work

1)with a dealer — to get the latest update info about ECU modules, and they could be the last one that fix the problems beyond your capability

2)as a instructor — to offer online courses to students over the world as we mentioned before

3)on your own — by leveraging social media to obtain your customers and by using Master Tools to make other tuners your customers

*Master/ Slave Tool:

For Master Tool users, you may have a good understanding of tuning so that you can modify data to fulfill requirements from insiders and outsiders and charge them.

For Slave Tool users, you may do not have to know how ECU works and how the changes will impact cars exactly, because you can ask master tool users to modify files for you, you send modified files to your customers, and you charge them based on the cost

Then the rest is keeping practicing and learning.



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