Alientech KESS3

Alientech KESS3 Boot Read Isuzu Transton 4HK1 Tips

One customer gave feedback about Alientech KESS3: Finally had a go at booting a transton, getting the no ID error so something isn’t right but everything [...]

Alientech KESS3 V2.05 Add DTC Feature

Alientech KESS3 V2.05 update is available now! The new “DTC" feature of KESS3 allows you to view and reset DTCs in a car or motorcycle. Through the [...]

Alientech KESS3 V2.04 Add Bosch ZF AL551/ 8HP55/ ES10-1002

Alitentech KESS3 V2.04 upgrade is now available! Bosch ZF AL551/ 8HP55/ ES10-1002 is added. Stay one step ahead of the competition and keep your KESS3 [...]

Alientech KESS3 V2.03 Add Keihin A6244103100 RH850

Alitentech KESS3 V2.03 upgrade is now available! Keihin A6244103100 RH850 on KTM Super Duke R 1390 via OBD are added. Make sure your KESS3 is in an [...]

Alientech KESS3 Read ISUZU Transtron on Boot Mode Tips

Quick Question: Alientech KESS3, has anyone got any tips on soldering to these Transtron chips for boot mode, I see some people use clips but they aren't [...]

CardiagtoolUK Mid-Year 2024 Autel IM608 II Full Kit Only €2999

Dear CardiagtoolUK Customers: Cardiagtool.co.uk Mid-Year Sale 2024 Autel IM608 II Full Package Only €2999!   Auel IM608 II Full Kit €2999 | [...]

Alientech KESS3 V2.02 Add SIM2K-140 SIMK42 ME7.9.41

Alitentech KESS3 V2.02 upgrade is now available! Five new BOOT protocols -- SIMK42 5WY1xxxx, AN470, SIM2K-140, ME7.9.41, and M79 -- are added. Make sure [...]

Alientech KESS3 V2.00 Add DCU17PC43 from Ford via OBD

Alitentech KESS3 V2.00 upgrade is now available! BOSCH DCU17PC43 from Ford via OBD are added. Make sure your KESS3 is in an active subscription and enjoy [...]

Alientech KESS3 Read Mercedes BOSCH ME2.1 Tips

One customer asked how to read Mercedes BOSCH ME2.1 using Alientech KESS3. Here are three ways to read this ECU: 1) By linking together Pin 1 and Pin [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.99 Add Mitsubishi ECU

Alitentech KESS3 V1.99 upgrade is now available! Mitsubishi ECUs in Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha on Bench Mode are added. Check out update info, KESS3 [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.98 Add Siemens SIM4LKE Siemens EMS2214

Alitentech KESS3 V1.98 upgrade is now available! Siemens SIM4LKE Siemens EMS2214 on BOOT Mode are added. Check out update info, KESS3 with an active [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.97 Add Isuzu N-Series Truck Denso 276700-2051

Alitentech KESS3 V1.97 upgrade is now available! Isuzu N-Series Truck Denso 276700-2051 on Bench Mode are added. Check out update info, KESS3 with an [...]

How to Solve Alientech KESS3 Error 007C-0005-8000?

Quick Question: When I connect Alientech Kess3 and it is sychronizing, it always gives error 007C-0005-8000 and cannot launch software [...]

Alientech Kess3 V1.96 Add JCB Delphi DCM7.24 BOOT Mode

Alitentech KESS3 V1.96 upgrade is now available! Tuning and Cloning Delphi DCM7.24 for JCB on BOOT Mode are added. Check out update info, all KESS3 with [...]

Is POWERGATE The Phone Version of KESS3?

Alientech released a new ECU and TCU programmer for cars and motorcycles -- POWERGATE. One customer asked if POWERGATE Tuning Tool is the phone version of [...]

Alientech Kess3 V1.95 Add Denso 112731-5040 and 33910-79JX/57KX

Alitentech KESS3 V1.95 upgrade is now available! Remap and clone on bench the ECU Denso 112731-5040 and Denso 33910-79JX/57KX for Subaru and Suzuki are [...]

Alientech KESS3 Slave Read Denso RHF4 4N15 Tips

One customer asked is there a protocol for this Denso 4N15 MA275700-9692 on KESS3. He can't even get an ID reading the file is just mumbojumbo almost [...]

How KESS3 Clone DCM6.2C Engine from Peugeot Boxer 2015?

In this article, we will show you how to clone DCM6.2C using Alientech KESS3. Vehicle: Peugeot Boxer [...]

Alientech Kess3 V1.94 Add Bosch MSE8.0 from Zontes and CF Moto

Alitentech KESS3 V1.94 upgrade is now available! OBD Remap on Bosch MSE8.0 on CF Moto’s CForce range models and Zontes’ small-displacement ZT models are [...]

How to Start An ECU Tuning Business?

Nowadays, the auto industry and ECU tuning business are one of the popular and profitable services. Many wonder how to start the business of ecu cloning, which [...]
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