How to use EWS4 adapter with Xprog-M/R270

It’s aimed to help you all to connect to an EWS4 adapter, read and write BMW EWS4 using a Xprog or R270 programmer.

Applicable to:

All models fitted with BMW EWS4

Note: EWS4 is now supplied by BMW as the universal service part for all vehicles originally fitted with EWS3.

EWS4 old version:


EWS4 new version:



  • Allows a suitable programmer to read / program the micro in EWS4 in seconds.
  • Uses the original manufacturer’s test pads on the back of the PCB
  • No soldering required.
  • Precision made in the UK.
  • Supplied with connectors for R270 and Xprog-M programmers.


1) Spring loaded contact pins

2) Steel location pins – use existing holes in EWS PCB

3) Connector header for XProg-M

4) Connector header for R270 Programmer


1) Take the PCB out of the EWS4, and mount it on the Adapter as shown:


2) Choose the appropriate cable. Note: Both cables are supplied.


Connect to Programmer:

Connect an EWS4 adapter to a R270 Programmer:

(a R270 Programmer seems to be available in a variety of plastic enclosures)

With the old EWS4 adapter:


With the new EWS4 adapter:


R270 with EWS4 adapter reads/writes EWS4 successfully.


Connect an EWS4 adapter to a Xprog-M:

Note: The Security Bypass Adapter for Xprog-M needs to be fitted as shown

With the old EWS4 adapter:


With the new EWS4 adapter:


Xprog-m with EWS4 adapter reads/writes EWS4 successfully.

xprog-read-write-ews4-2 xprog-read-write-ews4-1

The last, the R270 Programmer seems to give more reliable results than the Xprog-M for this micro.