How to Use Xtool A80 Pro to Perform Injector Coding for Hyundai Xcent? 

We are here to share with the customers the method of how to use Xtool A80 Pro to Perform Injecter Coding for Hyundai Xcent. Feedback got from the customers that  were told they sincerely want to get the injector coding function done with their vehicles well, but many of them don’t get the right method. Check below if you’ve already bought A80 Pro or want to buy it. This will for sure help you a lot.


Specific operation procedures:

How to prepare for this operation?

Tools needed: Xtool A80 Pro *1; XVCI diagnostic tool*1

Connected cables;

Vehicle want to work on

So before the test, you need to connect the main unit, XVCI with the car using the cables via OBD2 port.


OK, come to the main screen and tap “Diagnosis” button, you will enter into the “Service” interface, pull down the screen and you will find “Injector coding”. Tap it to continue.

When getting into the vehicle model selection, tap “Asian cars”>> “HYUNDAI”>> “i20(PB)”>> “2013-2016”.

The unit’s screen pops up a message of “Turn the ignition switch on”, OK, just do it.

how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-1 how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-2


Tap “Read injector code”, it will show like this:



Next, tap “Write injector code(ONE), it will give you four options, from “Write the first injector code” to “Write the fourth injector code”. Try the first one to see how it works.

It will ask you to input the injector code(20 bit). Do it as required.

Write the first injector code ==> “Success”.

how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-5 how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-6 how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-7 how-to-use-xtool-a80-pro-to-perform-injector-coding-for-hyundai-xcent-8


If no fault has been reported, it means you did it well.

As the “write the injector code” process is just the same, so the second, third and four repeated ones would be omitted to save us time.

But that does not mean you can do the repeated process carelessly.


When this process is done, turn off the ignition and turn it on.

Step on the gas, very well, it works.

Injector coding with Xtool A80 Pro is a big success.



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