Xtool A80 Pro Kia Sportage Odometer Correction Tutorial

Hey, please watch your attention here. We’ve got feedback from UK customers that they bought the Xtool A80 Pro diagnostic tablet, but they haven’t mastered the correct method to perform the odometer adjustment or correction for their cars.

This seems like quite a issue that triggers the customer service department’s concern. We are to offer the best after-sale service and technical support for every customers that bought the car tools from cardiagtool.co.uk e-shop.


Detailed operation guide:

Task identified: Learn how to change mileage for certain vehicles (Kia Sportage here)

Tools needed: Xtool A80 Pro*1; Connected cables

Before the operation, we have to make the right connection between the A80 Pro unit and the vehicle to guarantee the following steps work well.

First, we will look the current mileage of the car, zoom in to have a better look at, showing 22,652 km. We will record this number in case for the later use.

Click on “Diagnosis” on the Home screen>> “Odometer adjustment”>> “Agree to the disclaimer”.

xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-1 xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-2 xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-3

Then, it comes to the vehicle model, year and manufacturer selection.

Xtool A80 Pro support extensive vehicle models for you change mileage on.

Click on “Kia”>> “Sportage”>> “D70F3536”(engine code), this step is actually very easy, you only need to choose the right vehicle model and follow the on-screen instruction.

Two options appear for you to choose, Kilometer or Mile. We, in this test, are interested in miles, so click on “Mile” to continue.


At this moment, the car dashboard would get a quick little refresh of the system, so we want to basically choose a file name, in case you want to revert back to it

Here, just make it Kia 4(PS: you can name the file whatever you want).

Click on “OK” and “Change Mileage” button at the bottom left.

We do this video to tell the customers how to use this tool to change the mileage, but we will later do it again to put back the correct mileage.

xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-4 xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-5 xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-6


OK, please input the mileage number you want to change in the box. For example, let’s make it 11,000 miles.

Tap “OK” and the tablet will start communicating. And the car dashboard will refresh to bring back everything on it.

The mileage now shows 10,999 miles. That’s how we do it.

Congratulation guys! Task finished successfully.

xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-8 xtool-a80-pro-kia-sportage-odometer-correction-tutorial-9


That’s all. Thank you for sharing your time with us!

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