Launch X431 X-prog3 Programmer Clone Simo8.51 Tips


Has anyone cloned a Simos 8.51 module ( 2013 Audi A8 ctub) with the Launch X431 Xprog3? Successfully backed up the eeprom and flash from the original ECU and loaded it into the donor but the vehicle does not start and has a fault code saying the immobilizer is active and ECU is locked. Even tried it with my topdon phoenix same thing. Additionally when you auto scan the vehicle with the donor module installed it now says EEPROM while Autel IM608II Tablet to pull the VIN.






For Audi ECU you have to navigate to the year make module under scan then special functions-> anti-theft and in there it shows you to pull the original ecu data and the donor data and it needs to be decrypted.



If you went under service and IMMO Prog which doesn’t tell you this and that screwed me up because I corrupted the donor ecu data flashing over it without saving it first lesson learned. I was able to decrypt the original ecu data and program the donor on the bench and the vehicle starts / runs and has a vin number but now has a P160A fault code.



Here are some tips and possible solutions:

1)Checked the long coding in the donor ECU that matches the original long code? These may be stored separately to the flash and eeprom data. Odis test plan for p160A says to reprogram and code ECU and test. If fault is still present then replace ECU


2)Fault code is a check sum error so something in the d-flash or coding doesn’t add up correctly


3)Component protection removal / launch online programming


4)It is the otp. You lost original pflash. You should not try to write whole p&d flash directly. Just immo data to clone VW ECU. VW ECU has opt area. So when need to clone VW ECU. Decrypt file and change just pin, Mac, cs, vin (depend which ECU you’re working with.) Some are just vin &cs. Pay attention on pw


Done! Hope this could help!