No eeprom option in OBDSTAR X100 pro, how to use EEPROM PIC adapter?

Starts with my question: how to use the eeprom adapter of OBDSTAR X100 pro? There is no EEPROM MENU in the handheld….. But I bought X100 pro with C+D+E configuration included in package two EEPROM adapter.

There is no eeprom option in my device.

 X100 PRO

Finally, I sort it out, I did like this:

Just contact my supplier then give serials they will activate eeprom for me.
Must return to the OBDSTAR official site download section then get the new display for my x100pro.

Then connect X100 pro key programmer with vehicle or power supply and turn on the machine, finally connect the EEPROM adapter or chip with the X-100 pro main unit. Follow the system operation and select EEPROM function

After that everything will be ok

Step-by-step instruction on how to use EEPROM PIC adapter to read write with X100 pro. Please reading following parts

FYI, EEPROM PIC adapter is available now and no need buy separate on the dealer site.

  • Eeprom PIC adapter connected to x100 pro and in working status

adapter work with x100 pro-01

  • Enter OBDSTAR X100 pro menu, select Vehicle.

adapter work with x100 pro-02

  • See eeprom adapter option

 eeprom option-03

  • Enter PIC/ Freescale adapter

pic adapter-04

  • PIC authorizing…

 pic authorization-05

  • Have EEPROM and PIC option

 eeprom pic option-06

  • Select “eeprom RW”

eeprom rw-07

  • Choose “24CXX series”

eeprom rw-08

  • Choose “24C01 series”

 24cxx series-09

  • Input value

 input value-11

  • Save file


  • Press f2

 press f2-13