Experience with new OBDSTAR X300 Pro key master

Following parts are about my personal experience with new OBDSTAR programmer X300 Pro key master, hope it helps.

9th June, 2016 update
Just got 2 of OBDSTAR newest programmer (KeyMaster X300Pro) with (EEPROM, immo., mileage and obd2 scanner. FYI, the dealer code is: 860755B1.

x300 pro3

It comes with new cars model but the f100 comes with more ford and Mazda programming. EEPROM function does read in circuit but only on a small immo. Not Ecu. I will be working on that soon, giving more power to power up Ecu for incircuit reading. On the obd2 section there is a vin or ID rewrite function, I will test and report. If you go to their website you can see they have added F108 PSA pin code read and a “VAG” pin code reader. I’m pushing them to set up their website to upload new updates for the X300 Pro. The machine show a release date of 5/21/16.

There is a memory card with the X300 pro (Trying to clone its data)
No Token
No dongle
No Clock

Nice feature is there obd2 scanner menu
vin # display
ID rewrite function
For the price and its function over Skp900 looks to be the better buy, I bought it for $480.00 about $70.00 cheaper then SKP900. Mileage is extra bonus, more money & something different. (New story’s) obd2 scanning is limited but extra bonus on rewriting vin # on donor Ecu.

My friend has one OBDSTAR F100 tested, we compared and found my X300 pro and F100 has exactly the same menu for Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and range rover.

10th June, 2016 update
Today I try Mitsubishi uplander 2013 with the X300 Pro uplander menu only till 2009 so could Not communicate so I use SKP900 program took on the first try with factory RHK.
2008 Mazda mileage with X300 hidden menu but could not get it done. Use the F100 and it work perfect.
I sent my report to the dealer, wait for update.

Here are some screen shots:
strait remote control-03 immobilizer-01 OBDII-02 read security code-04 remote type1-05

Here is a few more
ford-02 china ford-03 E250-04 ecosport-05 fiat read security code-01

I will keep on testing and report.