obdstar X100 pro

OBDSTAR X300M & X-100 Pro User manual: Registration, Update, Data save

OBDSTAR X300M and OBDSTAR X-100 Pro both are hot-sale odometer adjustment tools. Here share the relevant operating instructions with OBDSTAR customers, [...]

OBDSTAR X100 PRO Review: Works perfectly with Xhorse VVDI Mini key tool for Verna

Here I’d like to share how I use Xhorse VVDI Mini key tool to generate Hyundai Verna smart key and program car key successfully by OBDSTAR X100 Pro. I [...]

Toyota Prius ZVW30 2012 all key lost, which tool advice?

This post starts with this question: Have Toyota Prius ZVW30 2012 with all key lost, which Toyota key programmer to advice? What about obdstar x100 pro? Which [...]

FORD Fiesta ST 2015 (euro version) mod dashboard by obdstar x100 pro & X300M

This post starts a question that he wants to mod dashboard on an FORD Fiesta ST 2015 (euro version), then follows with tools advice, you will see the best [...]

No eeprom option in OBDSTAR X100 pro, how to use EEPROM PIC adapter?

pic adapter-04
Starts with my question: how to use the eeprom adapter of OBDSTAR X100 pro? There is no EEPROM MENU in the handheld..... But I bought X100 pro with C+D+E [...]

New Added Vehicle Model Supported by OBDSTAR X100 Pro

This blog lists the specific vehilcle models supported by OBDSTAR X100 Pro on the function of odometer correction and key programming. All these neww added [...]

Feedback on Obdstar X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer

Last week, I bought an obdstar X100 pro auto key programmer online to get the function of eeprom. I got my obdstar X100 after 3 days delivery. The package [...]
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