Obdstar Update Notice of August 2019

Obdstar update detail list in August 2019:



Great Wall

1. Increased C50 2013/2014-2015 smart key system

2. Optimized C50 SIIC Transportation system programming procedure

3. Updated the car logo

Land Rover

1. Increased 2008-2015 smart key system FK72-14C04-AG software version identification function

2. Optimized 2008-2015smart key system software version identification


1. Increased T600 IMMO data

2. Increased L10 smart key system and remote system

3. Increased T600C smart key system and remote system

4. Increased New T600 smart key system and remote system

5. Optimized T600 smart key system


1. Optimized Astra-G Y17DT type Pincode reading

2. Optimized Astra H-Z16XEP type Pincode reading

3. Optimized INSIGNIA no smart key system programming procedure

4. Updated the car logo


1. Optimized MQB -2014 key learning

2. Revised LT3 remote programming procedure

3. Updated the all keys lost help data


1. Increased BJ20L remote system

2. Increased BJ80J remote system

3. Increased Senova D50 smart key system 3&11 500K

4. Increased new energy EX3/EX360/EX5 smart key system

5. Increased new energy EC3/EC200/EC220 smart key system

6. Optimized Hyosow S6 smart key system programming procedure

7. Increased new energy LITE ADAS/LITE 300/LITE basic version smart key system

8. Updated the car logo


1. Increased MCU3.bin MCU4.bin

2. Updated the car logo


1. Increased 3&11 500K canbus Pin scan

2. Optimized V70 smart key system

3. Optimized S5 Youth Edition TTE BCM (CAN)


Optimized Fengshen A60-A16 BCM key programming procedure


1. Optimized MG IMMO system

2. Optimized MG6 add key function

3. Increased Roewe i6 type 1/2 IMMO system(with smart)

4. Optimized MG MG6 smart key system programming procedure

5. Optimized Roewe RX3 blade key programming procedure

6. Optimized Roewe I5 add key programming procedure

7. Optimized Roewe Ei5 add key programming procedure


Optimized X5 Guowei smart key system operation prompt


1. Increased Cadillac XT6 smart key system

2. Optimized GL8 2017- smart key system

3. Optimized 2016 Buick Envision smart key system


Increased F150/250(2015-2019)/F250/550 SUPER DUTY(2017-2019) blade key programming


Increased Surui/Sirui/New F3/Tang/Qin/Qin EV/Yuan/E5/E6/E6A/E6B/E6Y/F0/F3/F6/F3R/G3/G3R/G5/G6/L3/M6/S6/S7/K9A/K9B/VA

add and erase the original key function


1. Increased GM6 IMMO system

2. Increased GS5 2019- IMMO system

3. Increased GM6 smart key system(No Need Pincode)

4. Optimized GS4 smart key system(No Need Pincode)

5. Increased GS5 2019-smart key system (No Need Pincode)


Increased Sandero 2013 New Type


1. Increased 300C 2006-2008 Pincode reading via OBD

2. Increased CALIBER 2007-2012 Pincode reading via OBD

3. Increased CARAVAN 2008 Pincode reading via OBD

4. Increased CHARGER 2006-2010 Pincode reading via OBD

5. Increased COMMANDER 2008-2014 Pincode reading via OBD

6. Increased most of 2006-2010 vehicles Pincode reading via OBD

7. Chrysler America/Canada Area: TOWN COUNTRY(2017-2018)

8. Dodge Europe Area: RAM(2009-2017)

9. Dodge America/Canada Area: C/V TRADESMAN Cargo Van

10. Dodge Australia Area: AVENGER(JS)(2007-2010)/CALIBER(PM)(2006-2012)/JOURNEY(JC MK2)(2008-2016)/RAM(2500/3500)(2013-)

11. Increased Jeep USA-Canada toothless rotary key and smart key (No Need Pincode)

12. Increased CHEROKEE(2019) toothless rotary key and smart key (No Need Pincode)

13. Optimized GRAND CHEROKEE(2010.5-2013)


1. Increased IMMO help data

2. Optimized 3K91D(ID48) and 1K79X(ID48) Pre-coding function

3. Optimized 3K91D(ID48) and 1K79X(ID48) pre-coding function

4. Optimized remote programming menu

5. Increased data display interface

6. Increased the Italian language

7. Increased multi-language IMMO ‘Help’ data

Alfa Romeo

Increased multi-language help data


Increased multi-language help data


Optimized Myway smart key system


Increased multi-language help data


1. Increased Rui 3 IMMO system

2. Increased Rui 3 smart key system

3. Increased Luxury 7 SUV/Luxury 7 MPV/MASTER CEO/5 SEDAN/U6 SUV/New Na 5/New Luxury 7 SUV and New Luxury 7 MPV IMMO system


1. Increased BALENO 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode)

2. Increased BREZZA 2016- IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

3. Increased CELERIO 2014- (INDIA) IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

4. Increased CELERIO(LF) 2014-2017 IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

5. Increased CELERIO(ID46) 2015-2018 IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

6. Increased CELERIO(ID47) 2015-2018 IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

7. Increased CIAZ 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode)

8. Increased ERTIGA 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

9. Increased JIMNY 2018- Type1/2/3/4 smart key system

10. Increased KIZASHI 2010- smart key system (No Need Pincode)

11. Increased KIZASHI(FR) 2010-2016 smart key system (No Need Pincode)

12. Increased S-CROSS 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode)

13. Increased S-CROSS(JY) 2013-2016 IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode)

14. Increased SWIFT(AZ) 2017- IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

15. Increased SWIFT 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (India Area)

16. Increased SWIFT DZIRE 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (India Area)

17. Increased SWIFT 2014- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (Middle East Area)

18. Increased SWIFT(FZ) 2011-2017 IMMO system/ smart key system (No Need Pincode)

19. Increased SWIFT DZIRE 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (South America Area)

20. Increased SWIFT 2009-2016 IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode) (South America Area)

21. Increased VITARA(LY) 2015- IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

22. Increased VITARA SZT 2015- IMMO system (No Need Pincode)

23. Increased VITARA 2016- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (South America Area)

24. Increased VITARA 2015- smart key system (No Need Pincode) (Europe Area)

25. Optimized -2013 models

26. Increased index ID

27. Increased Alivio/S-cross/Vitara IMMO help data(smart key)

28. Increased ALMO/S- CROSS/VITARA IMMO (smart key)‘Help’ data


1. Increased U201 smart key system
2. Increased commercial vehicle IMMO system
3. Increased commercial vehicle remote system
4. Increased Gratour IX remote system
5. Increased Gratour IM BCM type2
6. Increased Auman heavy truck BCM


1. Increased Refine R3 IMMO system and smart key system

2. Increased Refine S4 IMMO system and smart key system

3. Increased Gelfa remote system

4. Updated data ID


Updated the car logo


Increased Odyssey help data


1. Increased X70/X70S/X90 IMMO system

2. Increased X70/X70S/X90 remote system


Increased the IMMO data


Increased G70S smart key system and remote system


Increased Emgrand GL/GL PHEV/GL-15TD/GL-14T IMMO help data


Increased IMMO help data


Increased the multi-language help data


1. Optimized the clear key and program key procedure

2. Increased ‘help’ data index ID


Increased the FEM/BDC pre-coding procedure ‘help’ data

Great Wall

1. Solved Hover H6 key adding problem

2. Optimized Great Wall M6 key programming

3. Optimized Hover H2S smart key programming procedure


Optimized 2017 Kagoo key programming procedure


1. Optimized Roewe RX5 IMMO system (with smart)
2. Optimized MG IMMO system GS 2017 (without smart)


1. Increased BR454 key programming

2. Increased BR450 2004- key programming

3. Optimized BR450 remote programming


Optimized the IMMO Pincode calculation


Optimized X7 smart key system programming procedure

DF Fengguang

1. Increased index ID

2. Optimized 580 smart key system

Key Renew Software

1. Updated the renew data

2. Updated the circuit diagram

Cluster Calibration  


1. Optimized BSI menu

2. Updated the car logo

3. Increased Peugeot cluster calibration help data


1. Increased F150 2015 SPC5645(7inchs) cluster calibration

2. Increased F150 2015 SPC5606(4inchs) cluster calibration

3. Increased FREESTYLE SPC56XX cluster calibration

4. Increased KA 2016- R5F10 cluster calibration

5. Increased KA 2017- R5F10 cluster calibration

6. Increased KA 2018- R5F10 V1 cluster calibration

7. Increased KA 2018- R5F10 V2 cluster calibration

8. Increased KA 2018- R5F10 V3 cluster calibration

9. Increased KA 2018- R5F10 V4 cluster calibration

10. Increased KA 2018- SPC56XX cluster calibration

11. Increased KUGA 2013 cluster calibration

12. Increased New Mondeo color small screen new type

13. Increased RANGER SPC5606(2016-) cluster calibration

14. Optimized Ranger SPC5606(2016-) cluster calibration

15. Increased RANGER 24C16 Cluster Calibration

16. Increased Kuga 2013- BIG LCD Cluster Calibration

17. Increased Kuga 2013- SMALL LCD Cluster Calibration

18. Increased TRANSIT CONNECT 2017- Cluster Calibration

19. Increased New Mondeo 2015- (color double-screen) cluster calibration

20. Increased New Mondeo SPC5645S+24C32 VISTEON(2015-) Cluster Calibration

21. Increased S-MAX Color Screen 2 Pointer Dashboard (MAC7116+24C16) Cluster Calibration

22. Increased C-MAX Color Screen 2 Pointer Dashboard (MAC7116+24C16) Cluster Calibration

23. Increased New Mondeo Color Screen 2 Pointer Dashboard(MAC7116+24C16)Cluster Calibration

24. Increased data index ID

25. Optimized FIESTA 2013- menu

26. Optimized S-MAX models menu

27. Optimized EcoSport 2013- menu

28. Optimized F150 2015 menu to be 2015-


2018(9S12XEQ384) menu to be 2014-(9S12XEQ384)

30. Updated the car logo


1. Increased ADAM2012- cluster calibration

2. Increased VIVARO 93C76- cluster calibration

3. Increased CASCADA 2013- cluster calibration

4. Increased COMBO 2011- cluster calibration

5. Increased CORSE E- cluster calibration

6. Increased VIVARO 2- cluster calibration

7. Increased KARL- cluster calibration

8. Increased MOKKA 2012- cluster calibration

9. Increased MOVANO 3- cluster calibration

10. Increased INSIGNIA- cluster calibration

11. Increased ASTRA IV- cluster calibration

12. Increased ZAFIRA C- cluster calibration

13. Increased the Italian language

14. Optimized the display menu


1. Increased VIVA- Cluster Calibration

2. Increased INSIGNIA- Cluster Calibration

3. Increased ASTRA IV- Cluster Calibration

4. Increased ZAFIRA C- Cluster Calibration

5. Increased the Italian language

6. Optimized the display menu


1. Increased IX35 2018- cluster calibration

2. Increased Solaris D70F3536 cluster calibration


Increased Binyue 2018 cluster calibration


1. Increased BUICK VELITE 5cluster calibration

2. Increased Cadillac XT6 2019 cluster calibration

3. Increased Buick VERANO 2017- cluster calibration

4. Increased Chevrolet CAMARO 2019(24c32)cluster calibration


Increased cluster calibration help data


1. Increased Audi A8L cluster calibration help data

2. Increased VW DSG Transmission Mileage Reset

3. Increased the Italian language


1. Increased RAM 2018- cluster calibration

2. Increased 300C 2018- cluster calibration

3. Increased Pacifica 2018- cluster calibration

4. Increased Durango 2018- cluster calibration

5. Increased Compass 2018- cluster calibration

6. Increased Challenger 2018- cluster calibration

7. Increased RENEGADE 2018- cluster calibration

8. Increased Grand Cherokee 2018- cluster calibration

9. Increased 2018- cluster calibration FCA 12+8 connector help data

10. Optimized Charger 2019 menu to be 2018-

11. Optimized Cherokee 2019 menu to be 2018-

12. Updated the car logo


1. Increased ALPHEON 2010/AVEO 2011/COBALT 2012/LACETTI 2010/ONIX 2012/ORLANDO 2012/PRISMA 2012/S-10 2012/SONIC 2012/

SPIN 2012/VECTRA/VOLT 2012 cluster calibration

2. Updated ‘help’ data index ID

3. Optimized Enclave 2007- security verification


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1.Updated the car logo

2.Increased the Italian language

3.Increased data index ID


1.Updated the car logo

2.Increased the Italian language


1. Increased ‘help’ data index ID

2. Increased Talento 2016- Block ABS cluster calibration

3. Increased Talento 2017- Block ABS cluster calibration

4. Increased Talento 2016- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

5. Increased Talento 2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

6. Optimized FIAT_1950K type cluster calibration procedure



1. Increased 488 GTB 2014- cluster calibration

2. Increased LA FERRARI 2014- cluster calibration

3. Increased 458 SPECIAL 2014- cluster calibration

4. Increased CALIFORNIA T 2014- cluster calibration

Land Rover/Jaguar

1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Updated the car logo

Tablet Display Program Software

Increased the Italian language


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Updated the car logo