OBDSTAR X300M & X-100 Pro User manual: Registration, Update, Data save

OBDSTAR X300M and OBDSTAR X-100 Pro both are hot-sale odometer adjustment tools. Here share the relevant operating instructions with OBDSTAR customers, including how to register, update and save data.

Part 1: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to register

Part 2: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to update

Part 3: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to save data


Here we go one by one

Part 1: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to register

Step 1: Power on X300M or OBDSTAR X100 pro, and you will see the messages below


Step 2: Select “ABOUT” to enter next step


Step 3: Get the S/N and the Register Password


Step 4: Click the link: http://member.obdstar.com/MemberEn/Register.html to the registration page, and enter relevant info to register

obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-registration-4 obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-registration-5

After registration, you will get the user name and password. Please refer to one key upgrade to update your device.


Please kindly notice:

If you failed to register with the wrong distributor code, please contact your dealer.


Part 2: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to update

Step 1:

1.Remove the TF card from OBDSTAR X300M or OBDSTAR X-100 Pro auto key programmer

2.Insert your TF card into computer

3.Format your TF card and ensure it is empty


Step 2: Login the OBDSTAR official website: http://member.obdstar.com/MemberEn/Register.html, and click “A key upgrade”


Step 3: Download and install the “One key upgrade”, and then you will see the software


Step 4: Open “One key upgrade”, input your user name and password. And then select “End User” and click “Log in”


Step 5: Input your S/N


Step 6: Click “Select all” and “Upgrade”

obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-update-5 obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-update-6 obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-update-7

Step 7: Finish upgrade


Step 8: Open your TF card and you will see the following files


Step 9: Remove the TF card from the computer and insert TF card into your OBDSTAR handheld device


Part 3: OBDSTAR X300M/ X-100 Pro how to save data

When OBDSTAR X300M or OBDSTAR X100 Pro failed to communicate or program, please operate as below:

Step 1: Connect the device and start it

Select “Option”-> “Data Logging” -> “ON”

Press “ESC” to back to the main menu

obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-save-data-1 obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-save-data-2 obdstar-x300m-x-100-pro-save-data-3

Step 2: Keep the OBDSTAR handheld device at “ON” state, go to test the car, if it fails to program, please power off the machine

Step 3: Pull out the TF card where there is a Log file

Step 4: Send the Log file to your dealer, and the engineer would study the data to figure out the reason



Every time when you power off the machine, Data logging would be “OFF”. So if you want to save the data next time. Please follow the procedures above