Renault Can Clip V164 Installation on Windows XP

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CD Software of Renault Can Clip V164

Installation Note:

the installation instruction here for Windows xp users.

Firstly, Right click desktop to open “Display Properties”

Go to “Screen Saver”->“Power and setup”

Then Change Settings: Power scheme: Always on->Turn off monitor: Never, Never->Turn off hard disk: Never, Never->System standby: Never, Never

After that click “Apply” then “OK”


Insert the software CD, open “Renault Clip-V164”

Copy “Activation (Patch V3)” folder to desktop and open it


Right click the “Crack Renault Clip” registration entries

Clickon “Merge”->“Yes” ->“OK”


Step2. Renault can clip v164  first installation

-Open the “Setup.exe”

-Click on “First Installation” icon.

-Select “I accept…” option ->“Next”.

-Select“Other Countries” ->“Next”.

-Select “English” ->“Next”.

-Select “Renault” ->“Next” ->“Next”.

-Then it will update your system…

-Then Pop up “Windows Resource Kit Tools Setup Wizard”

-Click next


-Choose “I agree” ->“Next” ->“Next”

-Then click “Install Now”

-Wait a while for completing then click “Finish”

The platform will restart automatically

-Renault CAN Clip V164 “First Installation” complete!


Step3. CLIP V164 Registration

-Right click the “CLIP” icon on desktop, go to “Properties”

-Click“Find Target”

-Goto disk “C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application

-Cut the “RSRWin” application to desktop

-Go to“Activation (Patch 3)” folder

-Copy the another “RSRWin” application to disk “C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application”

-Open the new “RSRWin” application

-Click on “I understand and accept the licence…” then “Register me now”.

-“Are you part of Renault Network?”Select  “No”

-Goto Renault Clip-V164 and open “Renault CLIP Registration Step-4”


-Enterthe required “unlocking code”

-Clickon “Confirm”

-Registration successful

Step4. Install Hardware Wizard

Replacethe “RSRWin” application in“C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/ Application” with the one on desktop


It will Pop out “Found New Hardware Wizard” interface

Choose “install the software automatically” and click“Next”

Install device driver successfully!

Click “Finish”

Step5. Confirm device manager

Goto  Computer management

Select“Device Manager” ->“Bosch automotive service solution device” ->“18-alliance vehicle communication interface”

Close Computer management


Step6. Run CAN CLIP V164 to begin diagnosing

Run CLIP application on desktop

Renault-Can-Clip-V164-Installation-11 Renault-Can-Clip-V164-Installation-7 Renault-Can-Clip-V164-Installation-8 Renault-Can-Clip-V164-Installation-9 Renault-Can-Clip-V164-Installation-10

Good Luck!