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How to Fix Incorrect Software Number in FoxFlash Programmer?

One customer gave feedback that FoxFlash Programmer incorrectly identifies the software number of Toyota Hilux. Such a number (30K89200) for software [...]

Free Download Kess V2.80 Ksuite + Ktag V2.25 Software

Kess Ksuite and Ktag Software free download! Get software from Cardiagtool.   Software Version: Kess Ksuite [...]

KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters Review: Price, Package, Test on MJD ECU

Here share a hot-sale auto ECU programmer at Cardiagtool.co.uk- KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters. Price: The latest price of BDM probe adapters [...]

Volvo XC90 EDC17 read/write: MPPS or Galletto or Kess V2

It's aimed to help people with reading and writing bosch edc15c11 for a volvo xc90 2.4d5 2005 model? There are different ways to do it. MPPS - boot [...]

Kess/Ktag clone correct checksums: Yes or No?

Test report of Kess V2/Ktag for checksum correction, help you to get a decent tool to do checksums.   SID208: YES! My Ktag Clone was 6.070 and [...]

Kess V2 Ksuite Update to V2.47

Kess V2 Ksuite has updated to V2.47. it added exactly 7400 Vehicles. Learn more [...]

Kess v2 Slave vs Kess v2 Master

Thread: Kess v2 Slave & Master any difference & how to convert If you have a master version you can work directly on the program you have write on [...]

Free download Ksuite V2.35 V2.32 V2.28 V2.23 V2.25 V1.89 and all versions

Good news to share that the newest Ksuite V2.35 is tested 100% OK on Kess V2 master fw V3.09 / KESS V2 V4.036, Kess V2 master truck version fw V4.036 / kess v2 [...]

Chip Tuning vs ECU Remapping: Kess, Ktag, Mpps

What is the difference between Chip Tuning and ECU Remapping? The difference is basically the age of the techniques used to obtain the cars “map file”. [...]

Free download K-Suite 2.33 2.32 2.31 2.28 2.08- 100% OK on Kess fw 4.036 4.024

Here you are free to download all available K-suite sw2.33 / 2.32 / 2.31 / 2.28 2.08, they are all tested 100% working on Kess V2 master FW 4.036 / 4.024 to [...]

kess V2 Master Ksuite V2.3.2 FW4.036 Download at Mega (ok on XP win7 8 10)

Ksuite V2.3.2 is tested ok on kess V2 master FW4.036 and available download at mega. It is tested ok on XP win7 win8 win 10. Ksuite V2.3.2 download [...]

Kess v2 fw4.036 error External exception EEFFACE, how to solve?

Someone feedback they got connection error "External exception EEFFACE” when they replace chip and reset tokens. Solution 1: 1 downloads [...]

KESS V2 Newest software Ksuite V2.25 V2.28 is Available-no issues

Newest update for you! KESS V2 software Ksuite V2.25 V2.28 is Available at cardiagtool.co.uk, both versions have bees tested and verified working without [...]

KESS V2 and MINI DSG reader – best VW Audi DSG transmission DQ200 DQ250 programmer

I claim following paragraphs are based on my real test results. I conclude both KESS V2 and MINI DSG reader are the best VW Audi DSG transmission DQ200 DQ250 [...]

Review on Ksuite Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning

Recently, I purchased a Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning. I will share my experience with you in this blog. I was confused about finding an auto ECU programmer [...]

Reset Tokens for KESS V2 ECU Chip Tuning Tool

V2.22 Kess v2 unlimited token is one of the most popular device equipped with powerful function on reading and writing the data of engine ECU. Here is the [...]
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