Searching the EEprom for EWS (Immo) of BMW F20 – Bosch MEVD1725

I search the EEprom for EWS (Immo) of my BMW F20 – Bosch MEVD1725.
I would like to change the EEprom in a new ECU.
I have already searched but I don’t find it.
Here are pictures of my ECU.

MEVD1725-01 MEVD1725-02

The answer I got is: This ECU do not have separate eeprom , it is part of the Tricore MCU, and also What you want to do it is not possible, MCU has OTP(One time program ) area and not possible transfer Flash + eeprom to other ECU unless you put new Tricore MCU.

This ecu only has tricore 1797
it has ex-flash and virtual eeprom.
You can virture eeprom
but, you must have a correct tools for tricore like ktag or galleto on bench.