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Free Download Kess V2.80 Ksuite + Ktag V2.25 Software

Kess Ksuite and Ktag Software free download! Get software from Cardiagtool.   Software Version: Kess Ksuite [...]

Read Bosch EDC16: Ktag, Galletto or BDM100?

In this article, we’ll compare Ktag with BDM100 or Galletoo, to see if they all are able to read this ECU Bosch EDC16.   K-TAG Connect Ktag to [...]

KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 clone Bosch MED 9.5.10

I have a VW Golf 5, but due to my mistake, the original ecu is dead, and I found another one. I want to use my KTAG high tech tool to read out the data from [...]

KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters Review: Price, Package, Test on MJD ECU

Here share a hot-sale auto ECU programmer at Cardiagtool.co.uk- KTAG KESS KTM Dimsport BDM probe adapters. Price: The latest price of BDM probe adapters [...]

Kess/Ktag clone correct checksums: Yes or No?

Test report of Kess V2/Ktag for checksum correction, help you to get a decent tool to do checksums.   SID208: YES! My Ktag Clone was 6.070 and [...]

KTag Tricore BOOT Simos PCR2.1

PCR2.1 Read/Write with Ktag: Tricore BOOT Simos PCR2.1 adapter Move the retainer carefully, towards the ECU and ensure that all pins are in their [...]

Chip Tuning vs ECU Remapping: Kess, Ktag, Mpps

What is the difference between Chip Tuning and ECU Remapping? The difference is basically the age of the techniques used to obtain the cars “map file”. [...]

Ktag fw v7.020 sw v2.23 China clone free download and Installation guide

Here provide Ktag fw v7.020 sw v2.23 free download link and installation guide. Ktag fw v7.020 sw v2.23 download: Free: Not sure which day I am [...]

Ktag master: Immo off to me17.5.6 All ok

Ktag master Immo off to me17.5.6!!!! All ok!!! So here is the same with 2.0 [...]

Searching the EEprom for EWS (Immo) of BMW F20 – Bosch MEVD1725

I search the EEprom for EWS (Immo) of my BMW F20 - Bosch MEVD1725. I would like to change the EEprom in a new ECU. I have already searched but I don't find [...]

Ktag clone review: Iveco truck edc7u31 & Audi me7.5…OK

  Finally tested ktag cloneas it is, with no rework. Done Iveco truck EDC7U31 and Audi ME7.5.20, bothvery good, working great! K-tag board, no [...]

Ksuite 2.08 download: fix Ktag sw 2.13 fw 6.070 internet connection

  Here is a customer solution (@ecuconnet ) of ktag sw: v2.13 hw: v6.070 internet connection. The solution here is aimed to solve all grey [...]

2 ways to tell the difference between KTM100 and KTAG ECU programming tool

Commonly there are two ways to tell the difference between KTM100 and KTAG ECU programming tool. The first one is the basic info claimed by the supplier; the [...]

Ksuite Installation Tips for Kess V2 V2.15 Ktag V6.070

Kess V2 V2.15 and Ktag V2.13 V6.070 are both popular ECU tools. Here is a guide article to solve some errors on installation. Question from Customer [...]
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