Solved! VVDI PROG Read VW Cluster Adapter Fail Soldering OK

Quick Question:

How to fix Xhorse MQB Adapter “Try frequency failed (00)”? Tried test function and mqb option, all failed but if I solder cables using MCU cable in the package, VVDI PROG reads data well.





Here goes the way:

Remove cluster, only connect adapter, read data, and test voltage of pin FLMD0

1)If voltage is 3.3V, device works well, connect dashboard, check connection, and read data again

2)If voltage is not 3.3V, users need to send back VVDI PROG Programmer to dealers for repair

*Users may not send back device and continue to use other functions that are not affected

*Users may try the possible solution raised by our customer:

Supply 3.3v to FMLDO on adapter, all good read and write, no problem.


Done! Hope this could help!