Tacho Pro U2008 Adjust Mileage for Toyota Corolla C46

This blog is described around the issue that how to read eeprom when adjust mileage with Tacho Pro U2008. Sincerely hope this will help friends with the same problems.

Car model and type:

Toyota Corolla, C46

Changing KM procedure:

Step1: Select car model: Corolla

Tacho-Pro-U2008-1 Tacho-Pro-U2008-2

Step2:Select car type: C46


Step3:Select function: Adjust KM


Step4: Cable connection as below



  1. What you have to try is check your cable correction.
  2. Because your purpose is to change KM with odometer correction tool, you should select the function of “Adjust KM”, not “ Read EEPROM”.