BMW E84 CAS3 Clone: Xprog, CGPRO, R270, CarPROG, Iprog or UPA?

This article is about different tools to clone a BME E84 CAS3 module. We will see which one is better in this job. 1.CGPRO Use CGPRO first because I [...]

Free Download Carprog Full Kit V12.13 Software

Carprog Full Kit with 21 Adapters is an affordable ECU programmer coming with V8.21 firmware and V12.13 software.   Free Download V12.13 Carprog [...]

Carprog 11.35 Download: FREE, NO Password

Free download Carprog 11.35 software:https://mega.nz/#!xQJg3Awa!cbg7vEgiVySaNr23aUJP51barV1YuZW48LRh4nwF5nY Version: 11.35 Security: Unknown! it's [...]

What is the CarProg full kit?

CarProg full kit includes carprog main unit with all adapters. Look at the chart in detail...   1pc x CarProg main unit 1pc x A1 - OBD2 [...]

Read mb91f from Suzuki Jimmy : VVDI-Prog? Carprog? Or what else?

Guide to help you read data of mb91f061bs from Suzuki Jimmy 2016:    Option 1: Usa X100 DP por OBD. Option 2: Sino X300 Plus Option 3: [...]

How to solve CarProg Error: Damaged Parts – 4

CarProg Error: Damaged Parts - 4... How to solve? Here you go Go to build a A9 - CarProg Hardware Test adapter on your own Carprog A9 adapter [...]

How to rework Carprog PCB (customer solution)

This help fix the cloned Carprog to get it to work (e.g. read security codes or read flash) as the original. The bad Carprog clone: many members with [...]

How to fix CarProg Antenna

  About Carprog Antenna Fix: replaced 150k with 15k (resistor) 2+3+4 here we need to solder a capacitor with aproximately 6-7 nF(put one or [...]

Carprog V10.05 ECU Programmer Free Download and Use on WIN7

Here provide Carprog V10.05 ECU Programmer free download link, read write ECU on WIN7. Free download CARPROG V10.05 on mega: Option 1 [...]

Difference among Carprog V9.31 V8.21 V7.28, which is the best?

Carprog V9.31 is hot selling recently, and you would find another two versions of Carprog V8.21 and V7.28. What's the difference among these 3 versions? Is the [...]

How to change mileage for Skoda using Carprog Full V8.21

  This blog records how I use Carprog V8.21 clone online version to change mileage on Skoda Yeti 2012. Tool I used: CARPROG FULL V8.21/ V9.31 [...]

Carprog clone read pin code OK on Opel even astra H edc16 and Opel Can

Got one Carprog clone and I successfully use to read pin code on older Opel like vectra, astrag, zafira a, on kline. Carprog clone will read pin from astra H [...]

Install Carprog V8.21 Perfect Online Version

Since new Carprog V8.21 firmware version has released at cardiagtool.co.uk, it obtained lots of favorable comments from customers. Here is the software [...]
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