What is the CarProg full kit?

CarProg full kit includes carprog main unit with all adapters.

Look at the chart in detail…

  1pc x CarProg main unit
carprog-full-kit-1 1pc x A1 – OBD2 Adapter Cable (Inside
have K-line and CAN bus switches.
Use with all cars complained with
OBDII standard)
carprog-full-kit-2 1pc x D1 – Odometer-airbag Adapter
(Dashboard ,Airbag programming adapter )
carprog-full-kit-3 1pc x A3 – Transponder Antenna (Used
with all CARPROG immobiliser software)
carprog-full-kit-4 1pc x A10 – Motorola Adapter Cable
(MotorolaMCU programming adapter)
carprog-full-kit-5 1pc x A11 – BMW EWS Adapter Cable
(Used with BMW Immo software)
carprog-full-kit-6 1pc x A16 – Car radio Cable
(Used for Opel, Renault, Peugeot,
Citroen car radio made by Philips
carprog-full-kit-7 1pc x A15 – Cable (Used with D1
adapter, Universal car dashboard
and airbag programming adapter )
carprog-full-kit-8 1pc x A17 – Honda Airbag OBD2
Cable (Adapter for Honda airbag
reset by OBDII )
carprog-full-kit-9 1pc x A4 – Eeprom Adapter Cable
(Used for eeprom programming)
carprog-full-kit-10 1pc x A5 – DIP8 Clip Cable
(DIP8 Clip for eeprom programming)
carprog-full-kit-11 1pc x A6 – SOIC8 Clip Cable(SOIC8
Clip for eeprom programming)
carprog-full-kit-12 1pc x  A7 – MB 38-Pin Cable(Used
with MB Airbag and dashboard software)
carprog-full-kit-13 1pc x  A8 – BMW 20-Pin Cable (Used with
BMW airbag and dashboard software )
carprog-full-kit-14 1pc x RNS510 Adapter Cable (RNS510
radio decoding interface cable )
carprog-full-kit-15 1pc x VOLVO FORD CAN 2006+
Cable (Needed for airbag and
dashboard programming)
carprog-full-kit-16 1pc x FIAT CAN 2006 Cable(Needed
for airbag and dashboard programming)
carprog-full-kit-17 1pc x C1 OBD2 Female Cable
carprog-full-kit-18 1pc x USB Cable
carprog-full-kit-19 1pc x Power cable
carprog-full-kit-20 1pc x CD (Software V10.93)

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/carprog-full-perfect-online-version.html