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CGDI CG100X Programmer

X-Tool Diagnostic Tester vs. CGDI CG100X

In this article, we are going to compare Xtool and CGDI CG100X. See what they differ in airbag , dashboard, eeprom, crash [...]

Free Download V1.3.0.0 CGDI CG100X Software

V1.3.0.0 CGDI CG100X Software is released! Get free download link from Cardiagtool. Free Download CG100X Software: V1.3.0.0 CG100X *After [...]

Free Download CGDI CG100X V1.1.3.0 Software

V1.1.3.0 CGDI CG100X is released today, with MQB dashboard decryption improved and more airbag& cluster models supported. Free Download CGDI CG100X [...]

How to Install CGDI CG100X Software (Software Attached)?

CGDI CG100X is a new programmer covering thousands of ECUs. Here we will share with you the software and how to install it.   Free Download CGDI [...]

CGDI CG100X ECU Programmer Support List

CGDI CG100X is a new programmer supporting BCM, ECU, Dashboard and Airbag, and here we will share with you the support list. CG100X Support List (Click [...]
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