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Should I buy GM MDI if I have Tech 2 already?

I have a Tech 2 scanner in hand, so is it necessary to buy a new GM MDI interface? I am using Tech 2 off [...]

Free download GM Tech 2 PCMCIA bin file

As we know, there are a lot of free software in cardiagtool website so there are some of car tool software maybe fit for you/ There is software that [...]

GM scan tool review: Tech2 or MDI?

Tech 2 scan tool and GM MDI interface are two populous diagnostic tools for GM vehicles including SAAB, OPEL, GM, ISUZU and Holden cars. So, which one is [...]

How to get Launch J-box to work with Tech2Win

Tech2 software Tech2win possible to work with Launch JBox? Yes! Launch J-Boxis in fact CARDAQ Plus interface, so yes it works with tech2win software [...]

How to program key fobs on Chevrolet 09 by GM TECH2?  

  Here a procedure on how to program key fobs on Chevrolet 09 by GM TECH2 with 32MB card and CANdi module. Purpose: Program Key Fobs Car [...]

GM TECH 2 Clone VS HPTuners, what they work (with feedback)?

This post starts with a question "These "GM TECH 2" can do things HPTuners cant right? Things like override TPMS, open ABS valves for bleeding, etc. So to [...]
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