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5 Ways to Read out Audi 7th Bytes in All Key Lost

Quick Question: On an a3 2006 how to get the 7th bytes in all key lost? Xhorse Key Tool Plus only shows this. Here Are 5 Possible [...]

Xhorse Multi Prog Programmer Frequently Asked Questions

Recently Xhorse released their latest Multi Prog Programmer. It could read/ write ECU, TCU, and dashboard. So, here we have collected FAQs from our [...]

Yanhua FEM/BDC EEPROM Socket on Xhorse Key Tool Plus Review

This article is a review of Yanhua FEM/BDC EEPROM Socket: Play with bmw fem, Xhorse Key Tool Plus with Yanhua EEPROM [...]

VW JCI MQB Key Programming: Xhorse, Autel, Poldiag, Abrites, or CGDI?

It's hard to find a perfect solution to key programming for VW JCI instrument, so here we have collected four companies' solutions to handle this difficulty. [...]

Xhorse VW MQB48 Dashboard Support List and Software Download

Xhorse VW MQB48 Function is ready now with the latest software of VVDI2/ VVDI PROG/ VVDI Key Tool Plus released. So, here we will share software and support [...]

How Xhorse Key Tool Plus Generate New Remote by Online Calculate

Key Tool Plus is the first Xhorse tablet key tool. It makes much easier to complete various automotive programming anywhere with no need to take your laptop, [...]
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