5 Ways to Read out Audi 7th Bytes in All Key Lost

Quick Question:

On an a3 2006 how to get the 7th bytes in all key lost? Xhorse Key Tool Plus only shows this.


Here Are 5 Possible Solution:

1)Autel and APB112 read 7th byte from ignition switch

Read ECU get 6th byte cs and sniff switch with APB112 and you get 7th byte.


2)Key Tool Plus does not need the 7 byte.

But when you do all the keys lost you will no longer be able to make dealer key anymore in that car because the 7 byte invented the tool read immo and from there create a key of dealer of which already brings the car much easier and faster


3)Try “00” on 7th byte, sometimes it is 00/


4)Pperform akl and xhorse change by itself the 7th byte

But u change original data


5)Go to key learning immo status

Check item dealer key u put the 7 from hex 00 to ff

( 256 possibilities take one hour )

When u see yes dealer u got it and var get original data

That if only have Xhorse Device


Hope this could help!


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