Xhorse Multi Prog Programmer Frequently Asked Questions

Recently Xhorse released their latest Multi Prog Programmer. It could read/ write ECU, TCU, and dashboard.

So, here we have collected FAQs from our customers, hope this could help you better understand this tool before you buy one.


Q1.Is there life time free update? With multi prog?

A1.Yes, life-time free update.


Q2.What’s the difference between vvdi prog and multi prog?

A2.Multi prog covers all functions of VVDI PROG, and it is added into TCU cloning functions.


Q3.Can I transfer MQB license from my old vvdi prog to multiprog if I buy a new one?

A3.No need to transfer licenses, since all licenses on multi prog is already activated (including MQB48 License, Bench Read ISN License…). Just link your Multi Prog to VVDI2.


Q4.Is the checksum calculated automatically for ECUs?

A4.No, send modified files to Xhorse tech for checksum.


Q5.Can I use vvdi prog adapters on multi prog? Volvo adapter or MQB Adapter?

A5.No, vvdi prog adapters are not compatible with multi prog, but XDKP30 Adapter allows some to work on new multi prog.





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