Launch X431 PAD VII

How to Use Launch X431 SmartLink C as J2534 VCI?

One customer gave feedback that he cannot use Launch X431 PAD VII Tablet on AC Delco TDI. He just updates SmartLink C, but the VCI won't work, how to fix [...]

X431 PAD VII vs. PAD V vs. PRO3 LINK vs. PRO3 SE

One customer wonders what is the difference between Launch X431 PAD VII and PRO3. So, here we are going to show you different Launch X431 Intelligent [...]

Launch X431 Scanners Repair VW Scirocco 00778 SAS No Signal

Here we are going to troubleshoot a VW Scirocco using Launch X431 Scanner. (You can use your X431 PAD VII/ PAD V/ PRO5...) Scan the car, DTC "00778" [...]

Launch X431 EV Diagnostic Upgrade Kit Support List

One customer asked if X431 PAD VII Elite with EV Diagnostic Kit supports Geek EV. Here is the full support list of Launch EV function. EV Diagnostic [...]

How to Activate Launch X431 Tablet IMMO PROG Function?

One Launch X431 PRO5 user asked: When I want to use the Audi VW Skoda Seat Immo function I get this message. everything is up to date. I tried reinstalling [...]

How to Activate and Unlock Launch X431 SGW Function?

In this article, we will show you how to activate and unlock SGW function on Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet.   Compatible Device: CRP909E, [...]

How to Test Launch X431 PAD VII Elite VCI and OBD Cable?

One customer gave feedback that his X431 PAD VII Elite didn't respond at all after its VCI was connected. The indicator is off, so Here is [...]

Fixed! X431 Online Programming Benz S550 2007 Fail with DTC D603

Question: X431 Tablet online programming for Mercedes S550 2007 failed, and now there is DTC "D603" on the dashboard. After Online [...]

How to Fix Launch X431 PRO Elite Scanner Firmware?

Question: Launch X431 PRO Elite, software got stuck when checking live data for Ford Transit 2006 135tdci. Here is the Solution: 1)Update [...]

X431 PROS Mini vs. Pros V vs. V+ vs. PRO5 vs. PAD III vs. PAD VII

In this article, we are going to compare all Launch X431 Diagnostic Tablet.   X431 Diagnostic Tablet Comparison: Launch X431 Series Product [...]

How to Activate EV Diagnosis Configuration on Launch X431 Pad V/ VII?

Launch X431 EV Diagnostic Upgrade Kit is designed for diagnosing battery modules from electrical vehicles. Compatible Devices: Launch X431 PAD [...]

Launch PAD V/ PAD VII New Function X431-FIX Workshop Data

Launch X431 new function "X-431 FIX Workshop Data" is on, which offers a professional repair guide on passenger cars, LCV, and trucks to engineers. X431 FIX [...]

Launch X431 PAD7 + X-PROG3 BMW DME MSV90 Clone Guide

This article is going to show you how to clone BMW DME MSV90 using Launch X431 PAD7 and X-PROG3.   All tools and cables we will [...]

LAUNCH X431 PAD VII: In-depth Review

Introduction Have you heard of Launch Tech X431 PAD VII? Do not worry. In this review, we bring you detailed information about this fantastic device. The [...]

Introducing Launch X431 PAD VII Scanner and PAD Comparison

Positioned as an unexpected high-end diagnostic tool from LAUNCH, Launch X431 PAD VII comes with the ADAS calibration function, 32 service functions, TPMS [...]
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