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Multi Prog Programmer

Xhorse Multi Prog EDC16U34 IMMO Off Script Test OK

Xhorse Multi Prog would work with scripts written by users for KM repair, ECU tuning... Here is a review of Multi Prog with IMMO OFF Script: MULTI-PROG [...]

Xhorse Multi Prog vs. VVDI PROG

Question: How is Xhorse Multi Prog compared to its old VVDI PROG? Here we will answer you. Multi Prog vs. VVDI PROG: Multi Prog VVDI [...]

Xhorse Multi Prog Programmer Frequently Asked Questions

Recently Xhorse released their latest Multi Prog Programmer. It could read/ write ECU, TCU, and dashboard. So, here we have collected FAQs from our [...]

How is Xhorse VVDI PROG 2nd Generation Multi-PROG Programmer?

Xhorse has scheduled the upgrade version of its VVDI PROG Programmer -- Multi PROG ECU Programmer. It would read/ write/ clone multiple ECU and [...]
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