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OBDSTAR Motorcycle Scanner: MS80, MS70, MS50, or MK70?

Quick Question: Will OBDSTAR MS80 STD or MS50 do mileage correction and EEPROM programming? What is the difference between them, and [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 2019 HONDA XADV All Systems Diagnostic Test Tutorials

OBDSTAR MS80 diagnostic scanner has exclusive interactive circuit diagram and electrical query system, easy troubleshooting Failure, so you have no worries [...]

Tutorials on OBDSTAR MS80 2013 YAMAHA TMAX 530 ENG Diagnosis Test

This article is to share with the customers the tutorials on OBDSTAR MS80 motorcycle diagnosis tool 2013 YAMAHA TMAX 530 ENG Diagnosis Test.   What [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 2017 HONDA CRF 1000A All System Test Operation Guide

OBDSTAR MS80 scanner has professional-level intelligent diagnosis, and provides an unprecedented intelligent diagnosis and maintenance experience-the first [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 Honda CB1000 2019 All System Diagnostic Test Tutorial

Depending on professional-level intelligent diagnosis, and unprecedented intelligent diagnosis and maintenance experience-the first fault guidance, OBDSTAR [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 Scanner Outlook: Appearance, Register & Update Tutorial

Positioning as professional-level intelligent diagnosis motorcycle scanner, OBDSTAR MS80 aims to provide an unprecedented intelligent diagnosis and [...]

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner Detailed Description & Operation Guide

As the new generation of intelligent motorcycle) diagnostic equipment of OBDSTAR Technology company, OBDSTAR MS80, based on Samsung Exynos processor, 8-inch [...]
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