Real Customer Test Report: Xtuner E3 Vs DS708 Vs VPecker

Thanks to an Xtuner E3 customer feedback on VPecker Vs DS708 Vs Xtuner E3 in the update and functionality. I looked at the VPecker and it looked to me like [...]

Vpecker Easydiag UI System V8.40 Update Information and how to update

  Vpecker Easydiag UI System V8.40 Update Content Improve the DTC function display window. Add LINK version reading in the About Me. Improve [...]

How to configure the name of your Vpecker WIFI If the name back to HF-LPT120?

Firstly please download this tool "Vpecker Wifi Upgrade V6.2" at http://www.tdintel.com/uploadfile/2016/0827/20160827050025495.rar Note: Software [...]
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