How to configure the name of your Vpecker WIFI If the name back to HF-LPT120?

Firstly please download this tool “Vpecker Wifi Upgrade V6.2″ at

Note: Software function description: if the WiFi name miss or changed to “HF-LPT120 “, this tool can configure it back please follow the README TXT

Tips and procedure:

This Vpecker Wifi Upgrade V6.2 tool can configure the name of your Vpecker wifi.

(If the name changed back the default name “HF-LPT120”)

Please follow the steps below:

Step1: Connect the WIFI “HF-LPT120” manually

Step2: Run the tool “Conf.exe”

Step3: Click “Update” button and wait the data update successful

Step4: Click “Wifi Conf” button

Step5: Power OFF Vpecker and Power ON again

After that, the wifi name will change to the series number of Vpecker.