Real Customer Test Report: Xtuner E3 Vs DS708 Vs VPecker

Thanks to an Xtuner E3 customer feedback on VPecker Vs DS708 Vs Xtuner E3 in the update and functionality.

I looked at the VPecker and it looked to me like it was a PC version of the DS708. Since Autel lied about the price of the DS708 updates when I first bought one (and now are nearly 500 quid in the uk) I thought I’d give the VPecker a try because – as said above – it looked like free updates. Well, the VPecker is now superceded by the Xtuner-E3. Superceded is their word not mine – to me its exactly the same unit but without the dick name. TDintels mail traces back to an Autel2 server so I was right. The way it updates looks exactly the same system as it is on the DS as well – and the same stupid multi download for the same files for Audi, VW, Seat, etc etc. etc.

Anyway, the updates are free – but only for 1 year. That’s what it says in the program itself. To be fair for the money it is ok but it isnt brilliant. The promised Bluetooth functionality will update as the claimed- I’d prefer b-toof as I dont have anything with shitty windows on it connected to the internet when its a work computer. No ID comes up when scanning with the laptop for a toof device. Wifi works ok though – although when connecting the very first time it did fail even though it was definately connected to the laptop. I’ve tried it on a dozen or so different makes and models. It does connect to most cars but some things like live data on a corsa-d Z10xep doesnt work – so buy yr op-com as thats far better anyway for next to nowt. Some cars are a bit hit and miss as to what actually works and what modules it can talk to – even when it does read the codes the data sometimes doesnt work. Functionality with an 08 Golf TDI estate not ok.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not slagging it off because you cant knock it for what it costs. And, I would have thought with the same sort of live feedback as with other Autel stuff it should improve. As with the 708 dont be risking any programming on anything you cant recover via other means

What we could do with is a seperate thread with what works and what doesnt etc. If I get time I’ll write some stuff down and start a thread.

Maybe I ought to start with the first client update I have seen:

Just charging the laptop that has the Xtuner-E3 on it. Switched on and checked for updates. It says new client version found – upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1. Let it run and it updated successfully according to itself. Restarted program and checked version – still at 8.0 and it still wants to update again. Just wants to keep doing it. Also, Peugeot and Mitsubish Pro wanted to update. Mitsubishi updated OK but now my Peugeot says its not valid anymore – it thinks I have a clone interface – pot calling kettle me thinks from them on this one. Usual Autel shite. Hopefully another go will cure it… It did. Redid the Peugeot and that then worked. Redid the Client update for a 4th time and now it does say ver 8.1. Looks like if the download stalls it says updated ok when in fact it hasn’t.