VCM2 Solve Ford Tourneo Connect immobilizer problem  

Car model and year:

Ford Tourneo 1.8 TDCI year 2007

Tool to use:

Run by IDS with VCM2


Trouble code:

Codes B1602, B2139-60 and a few others which refers to transceiver circuit fault B2103-70 and my reserach are narrowing to the instrument cluster fault in PATS module.


The trouble happend after my client try to charge the battery connected on car. First simptom was immo light staying lit …no blinking. Obviously the car not starting…not even cranking.

I checked the wiring of the transceiver – 4 pins, 2 of them 12V + and -, and 2 of them communication with the cluster by black plug pins 25 and 26. Both pins are leading inside the cluster to the motorola MCU 912s. So the microprocessor might have suffer any damage?

On the other hand the instrument cluster is responding well to the selftest run by IDS with VCM2, returning only reverse gear switch short circuit to ground -B291B.

Other strange thing … instrument cluster is not accepting any incode and IDS after the second attempt is saying that if the cluster is keeping refusing the incodes it should be replaced

Off course I try with a different – good and verified transceiver … same result, same codes.

What I did:

Everything ok…triple check everything – relays, fuses, wiring, even recheck with IDS electrical connections …OK. The only parts that return errors are those mentioned above…

Solved finally!

The end of troubles… new instrument cluster and everything came back to normal. In 5min the car accepted the pats codes, module initialization and started.

Now I have the broken cluster and I will try to figure out what has broke inside. Already have 2 suspects – CAN communication IC or motorola MCU.

More Ford VCM II details: