VVDI Key Tool Max vs. CGDI K2

CGDI finally released its new key tool – CGDI K2 Key Tool.

CGDI K2 could read/ copy/ unlock/ generate / test key and calculate ID48 data for free, and new CGDI universal remotes are also coming soon!


VVDI Key Tool Max vs. CGDI K2:

Item VVDI Key Tool Max CGDI K2
Image vvdi-key-tool-max-vs-cgdi-k2-1 vvdi-key-tool-max-vs-cgdi-k2-2
Price 274Euros 131Euros(pre-order)
Battery 3375mAh 4300mAh
Generate remote √(VVDI remote) √(CGDI remote)
Copy remote
Copy transponder chip
Frequency test
ID/IC Copy
Unlock remote
Unlock Toyota smart key
Detect ignition coil signal
ID48/ID48 96bit copy √(Generate 10 new vvdi remotes to activate)
ID48 Clone Fee √(1 token/ 100 points per use) √(Free)


1)Key generation must work with CGDI key

2)ID48 clone in CGDI K2 doesn’t require activation and tokens

3)CGID K2 has a very affordable pre-order price



  • 131Euros Pre-order only! Original Prices will be 471Euros!
  • New Item will arrive in May.


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