VVDI2 can read ISN for DME MSV90 on 2011 BMW 528i?

Car: 2011 BMW 528i, DME MSV90, CAS4
Purpose: read the ISN – possible?


Good tips and guides:

  1. Depending on the tool u using.
    There’s tool on the market what can decrypt cas4+ by working key.
    Easiest way to read isn from dme and inject it to another dme because car may have auto transmission..


  1. If you want to program a key. Just take the CAS and read it and program it. It will show you the isn when you filter it on the vvdi2 transponder programmer


Questions and Answers:


Obd possible?

on cas 4 need to take ecu out and read it it’s under engine bonnet under bmw plastic cover


how can I read the isn on bench?

it is 2011 isn will come with cas data
2013+ you will need ECU as well


do you know if mini acdp also pull the isn with cas data?

no I work with M R pad or Vvdi prog


removing components?

With Vvdi prog most of the modules yes. With MR pad most of them no


Last time I do 2012 528i with mini acdp its was easy no soldering.. The 2012 was with N20

With vvdi2 must to soldering and remove components?

Yes you do need to remove components.


do you know if can i read with mini acdp and use the file on vvdi2?

I think that it should be able. There shouldn’t be different readings