VXDIAG 6154 vs VNCI 6154A vs Original VAS 6154

To use OEM software for VAG car diagnosis, original VAS 6154 or VAS 5054A is not our only choice, VXDIAG, VNCI, even openport are available for us.

Here we will compare VXDIAG, VNCI, and original VCI, to see what are the differences among them.


VXDIAG 6154 vs VNCI 6154A vs Original VAS 6154

Feature VXDIAG 6154 VNCI 6154A Original VAS 6154A
Image vxdiag-6154-vs-vnci-6154a-vs-original-vas-6154-1 vxdiag-6154-vs-vnci-6154a-vs-original-vas-6154-2 vxdiag-6154-vs-vnci-6154a-vs-original-vas-6154-3
Plug and Play ×
ODIS-E Version E-13 E-14.1/15.1/16 E-16 onward
Support Car Year 2001-2021 1995-2020 2001-2023
Connection WiFi/ USB WiFi/ USB WiFi/ USB
Device Driver/Manager × ×
Compatible with ODIS V9.10 or above
Compatible with ODIS V14.1 or above ×
Device Heating × ×
Online Support
Customizable serial number × ×
Maintenance Cost 0 <$20, 1 Year Free $300+



1.Original VAS 6154 owns the greatest coverage but also comes with the highest price

2.The differences between VXDIAG and VNCI are

1)VNCI supports latest ODIS version

2)VNCI supports CAN FD protocol

3)VNCI could customize S/N for online coding/programming

4)VXDIAG supports other makes by purchasing other licenses



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