How to Fix Incorrect Software Number in FoxFlash Programmer?

One customer gave feedback that FoxFlash Programmer incorrectly identifies the software number of Toyota Hilux.

Such a number (30K89200) for software designation of Toyota control units does not exist. How to select correct firmware from this data?


Here Cardiagtool tech answer:

ID is correct.

It consists of the last 4 digits of hardware id (xxxxx-0KD11) and software calibration id (30K89200).


What does ID on FoxFlash work for?

This ID is not for users to find correct firmware but for tool to locate corresponding VR file on server if it is available; if file is not on server then only option is Jtag BDM.


Why writing original file fails?

FoxFlash cannot write original files gained from other sources (Kess or Bit Box VR File), unless files are VR-formatted


Hope this could help!