2004 Volkswagen Beetle Add New Key: VVDI2 Done!

Xhorse VVDI2 can do 2004 Volkswagen Beetle?
If yes, how?


Look here:

1.Pull the instrument cluster

2.Read eeprom. By Vvdiprog
3.Open vvdi2
4.Open VW
5. Write to chip
6.Write new bin to instrument cluster
7.Install instrument cluster
8.Turn key to sync
9.Start vehicle


Q: How complicated it is to dismantle the cluster from the car?

A: very easy. Pop off plastic trim over IC. 2 torx screws and done. 2 plugs on rear. 1 blue, 1 black.


Q: A few days ago I made a key to A6 2002, it is not the same programming?
I read the pin code and program new key

A: I wouldn’t use vvdi2 to program this vehicle. But this is the way I would do it with the vvdi2. I would use my x100proS and pull the pin and program. Easy. But if you wanna eeprom it you can with the above steps.