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PCMtuner Read EDC17C49 Fiat Ducato 2014 Error Solution

One customer says that an error out when reading EDC17C49 Fiat Ducato 2014 with PCMtuner Programmer.   Here Cardiagtool gives [...]

Free Download Kess V2.80 Ksuite + Ktag V2.25 Software

Kess Ksuite and Ktag Software free download! Get software from Cardiagtool.   Software Version: Kess Ksuite [...]

PCMtuner Toyota Review: Used Module and Support ECU Model?

How is PCMtuner on Toyota? Which module to use, what models and ECUs it support?   Part 1. Toyota module There are 3 modules covering [...]

PCMtuner Read Simos pcr2.1 Passat b7 2010 by obd Review

PCMtuner Simos PCR2.1 Passat b7 2010 by OBD OK. Got another 1.6 tdi polo, pcr2.1, remember to unlock before write, open ecu and boot it to unlock [...]

Fixed! PCMtuner Fail EDC17C06 on Bench after Automatic Power Control (L-Line)

Question: My PCMtuner can’t read EDC17C06 TC1766 after it prompts “Automatic power control (L-line)”. Even use PCMtuner schema, OBD [...]

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Generate Remote Support List

Autel MaxiIM KM100 has Generate Remote function. With this function, you could generate Autel universal remote to match its remote part to your [...]

Handset Programmer Comparison: Autel KM100, VVDI, Lonsdor, or KD?

In this article, we are going to show you the differences between Autel KM100 Programmer and other handset programmers. We’ll cover Autel KM100 VVDI [...]

How to Activate and Update Autel MaxiIM KM100 Key Programmer?

In this article, we’ll show you how to activate and update Autel MaxiIM KM100.   Step 1. Turn on Autel KM100, Accept disclaimer, and click [...]

MPM Diagnostic Tool from PCMtuner Team Introduction

In this article, we’re going to bring you a new diagnostic tool from PCMtuner team - MPM Tool.   MPM is an ECU-TCU integrated tool, mainly [...]

Fixed! PCMtuner Can’t Read Ford Connect 2014 Continental SID807evo

Question: Continental SID807evo Ford Connect 2014, what errors I have, so my PCMtuner doesn’t work, says “Identification [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Toyota RAV 4 2021 AKL Programming with ADP Adapter Guide

In this article, we’ll show you the process of Toyota RAV 4 2021 AKL Programming using Lonsdor K518ISE and ADP Adapter.   Let’s start [...]

Solved! PCMtuner Read VW MED17.5.5 Work on OBD but Fail on Bench

Question: PCMtuner ECU Programmer read VW Bosch MED17.5.5, work on OBD but when working on bench I can't [...]

FLY SVCI J2534 Ford Software Free Download

SVCI J2534 is a PassThru device that is fully compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly compatible with SAE J2534-2.   SVCI J2534 Ford Software Free [...]

ECU Bench Tool Software Free Donwload, Installation and Update

In this article, we’ll share the download link of ECU Bench Tool software. Also, we’ll show how to install and update software.   ECU Bench [...]

Autel IM608 Used BMW EGS Transmission Reset & Programming Guide

This article is going to show you how to reset and program a used EGS transmission after a transmission swap.   Model: BMW X3 2015 [...]

ECU Programmer Comparison: PCMtuner vs ECU Bench Tool

In the last post, we introduce new ECU Bench Tool. Compared with hot PCMtuner V1.23, what are the differences between them? 1. ECU Mode PCMtuner - [...]

ECU Bench Tool Support List and Introduction

In this article, we’ll show you a new universal ECU Programmer - ECU Bench Tool.   Software: The software automatically detects the ECU and [...]

How to Update PCMtuner V1.21 and PCMflash V1.20?

How to update PCMtuner Software? Many customers have raised this question, here Cardiagtool will show the way to update PCMtuner.   Firstly, [...]

Autel KM100 Key Generator Kit Chip Function & FAQs

In this article, we’ll show you what chips Autel KM100 use and answer some questions about this new Autel Key Programmer.   Part 1. What Chip [...]

Autel KM100 Honda Accord 2022 Smart Programming Guide

This article is going to show you how you program keys for Honda Accord 2022, and we’ll use new Autel MaxiIM KM100 Universal Key Generator [...]
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