Can Iprog+ Pro Reset Airbag / Correct Odometer Without Welding Line?

Iprog+ pro is a comprehensive ECU programmer, it can be used on airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions. For some functions, it needs to weld line, is there any tool can work with it no need welding?


Probes adapters which are released by is the best choice.

It’s very easy to use! Just plug probes adapters into the touch points directly.


Probes adapters overview:

Probes adapters comes with 5 adapters can work with both Iprog+ Programmer and Xprog, which can make your work much easier without soldering.


Here is the related probes adapters connection diagram with iprog+ programmer.

1.Probes adapters: SOP8

iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-4 iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-5

2.Probes adapters: DIP8


3.Probes adapters: 2.54mm 6P


4.Probes adapters: 3.0mm 4P

iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-8 iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-9

5.Probes adapters: 6.0mm 4P

iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-10 iprog+-pro-reset-airbag-without-welding-11

Available link to get iprog V82 with Probes adapters at best price (€130.00):