CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator for W166

CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator is a professional car key programmer for Benz. Here share EIS models list and the guide to use it for Benz W166.


Part 1: CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Emulator Functions:

-Support EIS testing without ELV;

-Support emulating elv function (except for 204, 217, 212 old);

-Support different Benz programming device;

-Support CAN line EIS Monitor;

-Support EIS read write and data collect;


Part 2: EIS Supporting Models:
204             207
212old        212new
166             246
209             211       169
203             463
639K Line     639 CAN Line
202           208       210
215           220       230
216old       216new
221old       221new
164old       164new


Part 3: How to use CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Emulator for W166?

1.Connect EIS patch cord, CGMB ANAIOG instrument, CGDI MB key programmer and computer


2.Enter CGMB software

Click EIS-EZS to read EIS data


3.Select Computer Password to collect data

Choose the normal mode


4.Insert the simulation key into the EIS in 39 seconds

cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-5 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-6

5.Start to collect keyless…


6.Save the data collected

cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-8 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-9

7.Upload the data


8.Click Query Result to check password calculated successfully


9.Go to EIS-EZS to save EIS data


10.Load EIS file->Generate


11.Plug the new key into CGDI prog MB device to read key info

cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-14 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-15

  1. Reset the original data


13.Write new data

cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-17 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-18

14.Finally, plug the new key into EIS to work normally

cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-19 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-20 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-21 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-22 cgdi-mb-benz-eis-eis-elv-emulator-w166-23