How to choose:VXDIAG VCX NANO or VCM2

VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford or VCM2 What is better when i will program other ECUs to Ford?

ECU or Gearbox ECU, …

Let’s see what they say?

Stelaras: vcm2 for sureee

Braicarsa: VCM2 is gooood

Eddz: Stay well away from Vxdiag. It is china developed tool that they claim works better than anything else, but in real life if you encounter a problem there will be no support because there simply is no information about this magic tool.
Be warned because nobody will help you if you get in trouble while using this crap

ivica21: Vxdiag for reprogramming is slower than VCM2.For diagnostic is the same.But for new software is Vxdiag better because (black list)only if you have VCM2 with not blacklisted serial.

Kim1980: VCM2  is talked a lottttt in this forum
saying it’s the best clone unit

Atmel: Clone vcm2 also has good quality, i not saying ebay or Alibaba. good quality Ford VCM from china works just like original, there is some good quality benz and BMW units out there, vag com and VCP for vag. Honda HDS interface is very cheap from china and latest software can be found online and works great never failed me…