How To Unlock FCA SGW on THINKCAR Tool?


To Use SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles on THINKCAR Tool.


What is FCA secure gateway?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) implemented a secure gateway module that was introduced on a selection of their 2018 and newer model vehicles. … Access to certain diagnostic functions requires registration and authentication through an approved service (AUTOAUTH) for all aftermarket scan tools.

AUTOAUTH as a security between Fiat Chrysler between scan tool. AUTOAUTH takes the password from the scan to and pass to FCA server to confirm the VIN, and then it passes a code that will access the security gateway module from the scan tool.


How to use SGW Secure gateway access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles? 

THINKCAR has made this process very easy. Before making this, make sure to keep the internet in good condition. Here is the instruction guide.


Operation Steps

1.Auto VIN Scan, to get the VIN number, Model and year information.


2.Disclaimer for SGW, Click Yes. Without unlocking SGW, the diagnostics software only supports version information, read DTC, read data stream function.


3.Select region, input SN, sign in to unlock SGW. If you do not have an AUTOAUTH ID, click new registration in AUTOAUTH website. Click ok.


4.The SGW has been unlocked. It takes less than a minute.

5.System Topology Scan, generate full vehicle diagnostic report.


Done! That’s how to unlock FCA SGW gateway on THINKCAR Diagnostic Tool.