How to use Digiprog 3 for Audi A6 A7 A8 odometer correction

Success! Digiprog 3 4.94 is able to change mileage of Audi A6 A7 A8



  1. Please connect cable to OBD2 socket in car.
    2. Enter AUDI menu and select correct program.
    3. Click CHANGE KM and then READ KEYREAD by OBD2 and click OK.
    ! This will take around 1 minute !
    4. After You will see info about KM KEY FOUND OK!
    5. Please save the file in Your machine.
    6. Disconnect the OBD2 cable and take out the dash from the car.
    7. Open the dash VERY CAREFULLY to get to the EEPROM memory.
    8. Locate the 95320 EEPROM and find position 1
    10. Connect the C4 cable to EEPROM MEMORY.
    11. Make sure that you connected the cable correctly.
    ! Most Important !
    Before you change anything click READ EEP button to make EEPROM data copy and save it to your machine and PC.
    12. Click CHANGE KM button again with cable connected to the EEPROM and select LOAD KEY saved before.
    13. After this please click CHANGE KM again and select PREPARE KM IN EEPROM.
    14. Now mount the dash back into the car and connect to OBD2 plug.
    15. Press the READ KM button, reading should show 0km value.
    16. Now press the CHANGE KM button and select CHANGE KM by OBD2 function.
    17. Job is DONE.





Change KM success!




there is special procedure with A6 and A7. You have to read key file obd first, then eeprom 95320 change with same key file and mileage is 0km. then obd again and change to what km you want. sounds pretty staright forward, but a bit tricky. i think vw toureg also same



Q: Digiprog cannot do the new a6 a7 a8 etc. Don’t waste your time it cannot do

A: The digiprog 3 4.94 version can do

Audi a6 4g


Q: does anyone know if engima tool can do the job on Audi A6 (4g) with just OBD2 only ???

A: No. Only tool that can do fully obd is elprosys


Q: with eeprom preparing should it work. maybe you did something wrong flashdash?

A: No mate trust me it font eork the procedure is wrong with other tools u read key file by obd then fo odometer by eeprom which then asks u to open saved key file into chip. Digi prepare eeprom then tried obd that’s why not work. You can try if you want but will be disappointed


Q: I have smelecom if ur near manchester i can try?

A: Smelecom defo works