How to use Mini900 TOYO KEY OBDⅡ make key if Toyota G chip all lost?

If you have Toyota G chip all lost, make new key by TJECU Mini900 TOYO KEY-OBD is one of the best choice. After reading following step-by-step procedure, you will agree with me.


Step 1: insert TOYOKEY into the Toyota OBDII 16pin diagnostic socket, it will connect to mini900 (ND900mini) by Bluetooth.


Step 2: Turn on TJECU mini900, go to the function menu; click the option “OBDII Comm”


Step 3: click “id72(g) immo reset”.


Step 4: Please do as the prompt “1. Please insert the key into the ignition switch, and then turn it to ON. 2. Please insert TOYOKEY to the OBDII. “, then click on “OK” on the screen of Mini900, then get message “searching toyo key” then another message “Connected TOYOKEY”, finally pull the key out of the ignition switch.

instruction-05 insert-key-06 click-ok-07 searching-toyo-key-08 connected-toyokey-09 pull-the-key-out-10


Repeat two times: insert the key into the ignition switch, then after connected TOYOKEY, pull the key out of the ignition switch.

The first key done, begin to add another keys.

Following two pictures show the second and the third keys are added successfully.