How to use VVDI MB BGA tool add one more key on Mercedes w169?  


If you have Mercedes w169 to add new key with VVDI MB BGA tool, I am sure following questions and answers will help you much.


I have w169 and I need add one more key. so i need read acquisition data from key and calculate password. But what about working key after read password he stops working?

Reply from senior locksmith:

So if I want add key no need read password from working key? Can you explain i new with this tool.

Thanks, if I good understand i need chose read by IR not OBD. I will try.


For W169 you have the following options:

– calculate the pass with a TOKEN

– get pass from working key if it is v51/v57

– get pass by EEPROM method from EIS

You CANNOT get pass by IR on that car. IR method works only on old(before year 2004) K-line cars and not on all of them.


Yes I am understand, but question after calculation password from working key token method, original key works or i need renew and program one more time?

because car is far away so i want to be sure.

Reply from senior locksmith:

Old (original) key need reprogram if you use get password from key v51/57

if calculate via token, original key keeps working