Is POWERGATE The Phone Version of KESS3?

Alientech released a new ECU and TCU programmer for cars and motorcycles — POWERGATE.

One customer asked if POWERGATE Tuning Tool is the phone version of KESS V3.


Here is the answer:

Part of POWERGATE functions are identical to Kess3, but POWERGATE only works with phone app by OBD mode.


Let’s check out what POWERGATE could do!


Extensive Vehicle List

Powergate can operate on thousands of vehicles, providing a tuning service to a wide range of customers, all over the world.


RFID Quick Initialization

Pairing the device is now possible thanks to an RFID reader that eliminate one-to-one configuration saves valuable time and makes the device easier to send to customers.


Multi-level Customization

Powergate allows creating a total customization of the end user’s profile, adapting each device sold to the needs of the end customer.


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of active devices on the Dashboard that allows viewing of all activity on running devices on a powerful control panel.


Automatic File Pairing

Original files are automatically associated to modified files with the same calibration code through the Cloud platform, if are available in the library.


Cloud Platform

Vast storage space and real-time file sharing with Users worldwide. Flexibility and customization based on the needs of Powergate Managers and Users.


Comparison Chart:

is-powergate-the-phone-version-of-kess3-9 is-powergate-the-phone-version-of-kess3-10
Interface Touchscreen Smartphone
File Management Native Software Online Dashboard
Vehicle List 10,000+ vehicles 18,000+ vehicles
Virtual Decoder ×
Virtual Reading ×
Cloud ×
Powergate App ×

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