Kess V2 Ksuite 2.47 Tested on Audi A4 A5 A6 RS6 S8


Ksuite 2.47 on Kess V2 5.017 have been tested on lots of Audi… Here are some I collected from owners.


Audi A4 MED17.5:

CABB 118 kW (160 HP) 1.8 l Bosch MED17.5 read over OBD OK!


Audi A4 EDC17C46 03L906018HE:
Write OK with a frf to bin file made with winols


Audi A5 MED17.1 2.0 TFSI:

Tested without problems (VR)

Audi A5 2008 Coupe EDC17CP04:
Engine: CAPA 176 kW (240 HP) 3 l
Read over OBD OK, write I don’t want to try my luck
Problem when reading and writing with Kess Tricore, checksum error!


Audi A6 4G 2012 EDC17cp44:

Obd Write ok!


Audi RS6 4F 5.0 TFSI V10 MED9.1 BUH:
Read Master ECU OK -OBD
Write Master ECU OK – OBD
Write Slave ECU OK – OBD
When you write master ECU, fan are running, you need a good battery charger


Audi S8 V10 MED9.1 BSM protocol 196:
Read Master OK
Read Slave OK
but incorrect File Size! 2.5 MB instead of 2MB
Write fail at 84%, car stuck in programming mode.
Don’t use on this type of car!


More tests will be updated here…